Energy-efficient storage solutions

Technically and environmentally sound – now and in the future

1. Energy-efficient drive technology in the form of high-performance motors (Megamat RS):

Up to 40% less energy is consumed nowadays thanks to the perfect combination of electric motor, highly efficient drive systems, and perfectly configured frequency converters. Our motors are rated in premium efficiency class IE3 in line with the new IE standards. This is currently the highest available efficiency class on the market. Kardex Remstar solutions ensure that you are well-equipped for the future, resulting in significantly lower life cycle costs.

2. Automatic chain tensioning (Megamat RS):

On the Megamat RS series the drive and conveyor chains are automatically tensioned by the dead weight of the motor. An eccentric tappet prevents the chain from slackening. This improves reliability, prevents loss of power, and combines a long service life with less maintenance and energy consumption.

3. Intelligent unit imbalance monitoring (Megamat RS):

If the imbalance in the unit is too great, the motor is overloaded and more energy is consumed. The smaller the imbalance, the less strain placed on the motor and mechanics, meaning less energy is consumed. The permanent unit imbalance monitoring function highlights any imbalance and helps you to better distribute the weight, protecting both the motor and mechanics while also reducing energy consumption.

4. Automatic lighting (Shuttle XP):

The lighting is only switched on when a tray is waiting in the access opening.

5. Optimal drive combinations:

Six drive combinations are available, all perfectly configured to cope with a wide range of speeds and weight classes. The speed is automatically optimized depending on the load being transported for the best possible energy efficiency.

6. Maximum weight reduction:

Less weight also means less energy consumption. That is why we use lightweight construction methods when developing our units to reduce the weight and thus also cut the amount of energy needed.

7. Automatic standby operation:

The units automatically switch to standby mode, placing all electrical consumers into a kind of sleeping state by requiring virtually no energy.


8. Optimized traveling distance:

The units always select the shortest route when storing and retrieving goods. This reduces unnecessary journeys and saves time and ultimately energy.


9. Intelligent storage and order picking strategies:

Power Pick Global software combines several orders to form a batch. As a result, a particular product that is needed for several orders is only picked once, cutting journeys, and saving both time and energy.

For Kardex Remstar, energy efficiency means:
  • Using up to 40% less energy used compared to other systems
  • A feature that comes as standard
  • No additional maintenance work
  • No additional costs